Ensura Command & Control

Delivering operational Internet of Things

ENSURAC&C products use IoT infrastructure to connect sensors, systems, and subsystems into single operational platforms, delivering advanced Command, Control, Analysis, Management, and Response capabilities. All ENSURA solutions  offer integral analytics and AI functions, with cutting-edge learning algorithms that support automatic process management, and proactive recommendations from the system during routine and emergency operations.

ENSURAC&C products are uniquely designed  for large-scale deployments, and can therefore integrate with any 3rd party product or legacy system. ENSURA products are currently connecting over 20,000 sensors worldwide. All platforms are built for operational use, and offer users endless customization options in UX and processes, to support a wide variety of user needs and permissions.

The deployment process supported by all ENSURA products is simple and user friendly, leveraging the power of IoT infrastructure to rapidly deliver a working solution.

ENSURA C&C is the only market-available process that  uses IoT infrastructure to connect all types of systems, subsystems, and sensors into a single IoT network.  With integral analytics and AI functions, ENSURA delivers advanced C&C capabilities with built-in CONOPs support (Concept of Operations), enabling automatic process management as well as real-time response.

Designed to respond to varying operational circumstances, ENSURAIoT enables closing of the operational loop from event to response under virtually all circumstances. The system allows users of all types of maximize utilization of system capabilities,  supporting virtually unlimited integration of sensors subsystems.

 ENSURA’s solutions are sensor-agnostic, capable of integrating any third party products and legacy systems – improving operational abilities while maintaining availability and promoting ROI.


An advanced Business Intelligence module that utilizes prediction algorithms and smart processes to learn from past experience, and offer operators actionable intelligence in real


A flexible maps module that integrates with all GPS data and sensor input, enables users to investigate information and alerts via geolocation and map/image interface.


An advanced Business Intelligence module that utilizes prediction algorithms and smart processes to learn from past experience, and offer operators actionable intelligence in real time.


A comprehensive ID recognition software solution that manages multiple hot lists that include black lists and white lists , and support ID-based event recognition and post-event location analysis.


ENSURA’s sensor modules enables users to integrate any type of sensor, system, or subsystem, and configure data acces
s and permissions per process, user, or system.


Real-time Disaster Recovery program that insures that the in the event of a server failure, backup servers take over operations in real-time.


An integral failover solution  that insures business and operational continuity by saving all procedural and system configurations and enabling full recovery in the event of a system crash.

Object Tracking

Enables absolute surveillance for moving objects across thousands of cameras. Operational connectivity of all cameras provides complete Field of View and Line of Sight.
“Back to the future“ gives the operators the ability to track a moving object at x16.

Video Content Analysis

Cutting edge Video Content Analysis on both sensor and server side enables identification, face recognition, object tracking, and more.

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