Video management with focus on your core needs!

The core of VMSCORE is very focussed on what you as end user need to do with a VMS: Easy live viewing, playback, export evidence and offering secure access. All extra special functionality is kept in add-ons, like APP’s on your smartphone. That makes that VMSCORE is easy to use, feels light but fast and powerful.

Keeping the focus on what is used most, VMSCORE is available for 1 to unlimited camera’s. Whether you use it for one camera or for thousands, VMSCORE remains fast and efficient.

From private residences to worldwide retail chains up to government and defence applications, VMSCORE does what you expect from a VMS. Easy live viewing, playback, export while securely protecting access.

For those who need more functionality, there are add-on’s and integration options available.

What’s different?

With VMSCORE you save on installation time and maintenance. As we work completely web browser based, there is no need to install clients and apps. And you will be amazed how fast and good it installs and works

You can even manage or work on a 1000 camera’s system with just one finger. As the interface is touch screen capable, you could even do this from a smartphone. Through VMSCORE+ you can for example add camera’s in the local network to that remote VMSCORE server.

All data and video that leaves the VMSCORE server can be encrypted. User authentication can be by user/password but active directory and google login is supported as well.

VMSCORE is hardware agnostic. We work with any ONVIF Profile S camera or camera that offers an RTSP stream. There is server based motion detection and and with that you can save diskspace with adaptive frame rate recording.

VMSCORE can run on Windows, CentOS and Ubuntu servers. It even runs on a Raspberry PI allowing which can be interesting for safe city expansions including adopting IoT sensors

VMSCORE is licensed per video camera channel. Not restricted to the camera you use, and not limited in number of users and clients. There are no sudden surprises like channel upgrades that some VMS manufacturers confront you with.

Where other VMS-es require pre-installation of .net, SQL and other modules, VMSCORE installs in a minute. No extra installs are required. We manage to install camera systems with for example 50 camera’s in 10 minutes.

VMSCORE as stand alone NVR

The smallest version is comparable with a stand alone video recorder, but then offering all the advantages of a browser based operation without plugin troubles.

When the system grows, you can add more VMSCORES and operate them all from one VMSCORE+ interface.

VMSCORE+ is the fusion layer and it brings the VMSCORE to the full featured version. Including advanced camera and user permission grouping.

VMSCORE+ Virtual/cloud

VMSCORE+ can also run virtual or in the cloud. This offers extra features in terms of secure access and multi-core management.

Let us show it to you

The best next step is see and try it yourself. We can give you an online presentation now!

VMSCORE development is headed by PhD level engineers with many years experience. We are excited to show it to you live.
Let us show it to you