ENSURA's proven Safe City solution integrates legacy systems and subsystems, as well as new sensors and software, seamlessly expanding with the growth of urban population and industrial facilities and zones.

Stadium & Event Management

Ensura understands the world of high-stake risks that confront event organizers. We specializes in providing large-scale integrated solutions designed to handle real-world tools and challenges, deter threats, identify security events before they occur, and manage people, cars, sensors, and personnel.
Voertuig inspectie camera

Transportation Management

ENSURA offers a range of IoT-based transportation solutions, delivering platforms for that combine security, operational management , and real-time C&C for ports, airports, trains, and integrated public transportation networks.
Transportation management

Critical Asset Management

ENSURA's solutions focus on securing critical infrastructure inside and out, providing perimeter security and access control, as well as internal safety and operational continuity measures. We focus on rapid and accurate detection, identification, and management of threats, as well as backup and failover solutions that ensure ongoing operations of the asset in virtually all situations.
Critical assets management

Emergency Response

Our Emergency Response solutions focus on providing IoT networks for smooth integration of First Responder and municipal networks, in order to insure rapid response and effective resource allocation in any emergency.
Emergency response

Configurable Internet of Things

The number of sensors in todays world is growing rapidly. Ensura's Command and Control will allow to adopt and benefit from the sensor future.


  • Reliable people with real field experience
  • Ensura works with global players and specialists in the market
  • A proven track record of projects and references
  • Easy to use interfacesbut with vast amount of features
  • The Ensura team is multilinual offering support in English, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Spanish.
  • Pioneers in the field of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Strong partnerships with companies like HP, Cisco, Siemens and more.