Ensura Video Management System

ENSURA VMS is a camera independent Video Management System with a unique user oriented interface. Scalable from 1 to thousands of camera’s, for the user it remains simple. Live, playback, exporting clips, view live or stored alarm clips, all is done from the main menu with just a few mouse clicks.

Use it once a year, or every minute. The user interface of ENSURA VMS is so intuitive that you will always be able to work fast. But when needed, vast functionality and automated intelligence is available.

Stay independent from camera and sensor manufacturers. With ENSURA VMS you can start with one camera and grow limitless to even a complete safe city or command & control system.

ENSURA VMS has a very efficient solution to benefit from the latest technology, but also keep on using your investment in analog camera’s.

Video Content Analysis Engine

The internal VCA engine enables real-time intelligent video analytics for all the system’s incoming visual input.

Dynamic Object Tracking navigation

A unique way of tracking persons or cars even without knowing the camera’s in the network. Just click on the object of interest and follow it live or in playback mode. It is a unique and super efficient way to keep track and analyze what is happening or did happen.

Video Wall Display

The structure of Ensura VMS allows for a cost effective and easy setup of a multi screen display environment. From a workstation to a professional control room.

Event Manager

Events are shown in an efficient way, with dynamic links to interactions.

Procedure Manager

For events that require procedures, the procedure manager starts therelated procudure and forces the execution.

Business Intelligence Engine

This engine enables the system to become smart. It is a configurable engine that allows interaction based on events, sensors, time and more.

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