Video & Incident Management System

Discover our scalable up to enterprise wide Video and Incident Management system. Your true, single-source, hardware independent turnkey solution from installation and optimisation to training and ongoing support.

The platform is built to scale quickly and easily. System management is also designed for efficiency and simplicity. Since we live in a world with challenges and changes every day, we need to be able to adopt quickly.

Contact us to learn how we satisfy enterprises that manage over 60.000 camera’s. All without hidden cost and clear licensing without hassles.

Highest end features and designed by the

demands of professionals. Yet, easy to use.

To mention some of the features:

  • Video Optical Character Recognition (Used for scanning codes on logistic shipements)
  • License plate recognation
  • Failover server
  • Alarm management, Case management, detailed exports.
  • Virtual Video Walls
  • Audio and Video Synchronization
  • GeoSpatial Integration
  • Counter Drone Integrated solution

Fastest and most efficient scrollable timebar in the world

When footage is needed urgently, nothing is more frustrating than a shortcoming in the interface. We can talk a lot about it, but this you must simple see live. Also advanced Edge recording is integrated.

From a single server solution to an

enterprise (virtual) managed solution

With the largest customer having 50.000 camera’s managed by one Enterprise manager we can proudly say: Field proven. And we have much more to tell. But seeing is believing.

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