Hengelo (Ov) The Netherlands – It happened again for the third time during end of September 2016. After forcing an opening in a fence a burglar went on the premises of Baan Twente, the regional formal Mercedes-Benz dealer for cars, van’s and trucks.

Not knowing and realizing that the control center of the surveillance company immidiately reveices alerts when persons enter the property, the criminal started to review the outdoor parked cars for valuable parts.


The first image shows an impression of the detection in the middle of the dark night. The control center is alerted and follows the person while emerging the car and police to the area.

The high quality images even during these nightly hours enable the control room to precisely follow the person’s activity. For the Dutch Police this means that the call for help is based on a verified alarm, enabling them to give priority to catch the thieves during the act.

Before any damage was made to the cars on the parking, the surveillance company and police arrive. These real images were made during the third succesfull prevention in a short timeframe. Needless to mention that the customer is happy with the solution preventing any damage.



Ensura’s intelligent video analytics and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors allow companies to get early efficient warnings and take control of the situation.