Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, VMSCORE provides local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface, with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices.

The VMSCORE web interface is hosted by one or more servers running on traditional Windows or Linux systems, NAS storage devices, or on supported embedded hardware. VMSCORE supports over 2,500 IP cameras through the ONVIF Profile S specification. This cross-platform flexibility adapts to your existing infrastructure and reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs.

IT Advantages

Your favorite HW/OS

The VMSCORE+ web interface is hosted centrally within your organization or in a secure cloud service. As a Java-based platform, VMSCORE is capable of running on Windows desktop and Windows Server, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 7, Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04, CentOS 7, as well as a variety of Linux embedded devices.

From independent Edge to hybrid cloud.

Combine the advantages of local (EDGE) storage with the easy of access through the cloud. In the event that VMSCORE+ can no longer communicate with any of your VMSCORE servers, VMSCORE operates autonomously and continues to record while remaining accessible via the standalone VMSCORE user interface.


Using a secure reverse-proxy mechanism, VMSCORE+ provides configuration-free access to VMSCORE servers and cameras located behind a firewall, all via secure SRTP and HTTPS encryption. This allows system operators to connect VMSCORE instances with VMSCORE+ across diverse network topologies, removing the need for IT intervention or special configuration.

Efficient camera discovery

VMSCORE offers internal ONVIF discovery and camera batch configuration. If all your ONVIF Profile S camera’s are up and running, they are added in seconds per camera.

Clear linear license, unlimited users.

For VMSCORE you only pay a one time license fee per camera channel. Independent which camera you use and with unlimited users. The first year of software upgrades and maintenance is included.

Plugin free browsing with MAC support

VMSCORE focusses on web browser operation without plugin’s. With browsers supporting WEBRTC or most other browsers in  low bandwidth mode, VMSCORE offers ease of use without client of APP installations. This results in repeating savings on client and app installation maintenance and compatibility issues. We are completing new installations with for example 50 camera’s in 20 minutes.


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