Cultivating innovation

Our mission

Our environment is in constant change. Security solutions need to adopt the end users business or life. ENSURA’s mission is to design, develop and deliver unique and outstanding solutions that contribute to security, comfort, efficiency and safety. In addition to our own solutions, we distribute additional technologies. 




ENSURA supports and works with regional IT and Security partners to deliver well and achieve customer satisfaction.

“Ensura has always been very responsive and professional backed up by excellent product knowledge, overall resulting in a satisfying experience.”

– Senior VP Engineering, Maritime PSIM Manufacturer who integrated VMSCORE.



ENSURA believes that it is a huge value for customers to focus on hardware agnostic solutions. This avoids vendor lock-in which in turn makes sure the customer can enjoy future flexibility of IT technology.

We are a no-nonsense, honest, lateral thinking company that develops and distributes innovative solutions.

Our history includes:

Development of the Securator, the first 64 channel analog DVR in 2004. The first DVR in Europe that recorded 64 channels in fluent full motion with audio per channel.

Successful delivery of high accurate face recognition with anti-spoofing integrated in a leading access control system protecting one of the most sensitive objects.

Worldwide cooperation with partners resulting in projects and integrations varying from Jamaica to integration in complete command & control systems.


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Address:  Hofstraat 4, 7071 KB, Ulft, the Netherlands