Verify your alarms with video anywhere

A new and unique way to work with Video Analytics, Perimeter & Area Protection, IoT Signals, Face-Recognition and more.

Works everywhere without any software installation.

Using unique features of ENSURA’s VMSCORE+ we are offering a new approach to Video and Alarm management for control rooms and end-users.


  • 100% plugin free webbrowser Alam & Video Management
  • Unique low false alarm AI based intelligent video analytics on any camera
  • VPN with 4G Backup and Control room access
  • Supports other (AI) alarms and IoT Sensors
  • Low monthly fee

High Precision

Current heuristic video analytics systems come with all the limitations of object recognition. Rain, reflections, spotlights, spiders and moving objects are still problematic for many AI and deep learning filtering based analytics solutions. Using the latest AI technologies, we only detect what you want to detect.

Integrated solution for alarm centers with 100% Web based VMSCORE

Alarms can be received in any Alarm Center Management software resulting in a 100% web based and plugin free alarm clip VMSCORE browser. In addition alarms can be sent to email, JSON, XML, HTTP, messaging systems and many more.

Works with any camera

No need for expensive camera replacements.

Privacy / GDPR guaranteed

We do not actually analyze people, faces or license plates. Combined with encrypted data and video transmission of VMSCORE, privacy is fully respected.

Efficient management

With human precision we only alert on situations that need follow up, offering the lowest false alarm rate in the industry against affordable pricing.

A practical example:

The people are detected and alarms are send to where you want it!

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