You are the safest Key

High speed, high secure Face biometrics with anti-spoofing on any IP camera.

Software based Face Biometrics with anti-spoofing

A world without keys, cards, codes or passwords is simpler, safer and more convenient. Your identity becomes your key. Identification up to 30 persons/minute. Our innovative Face biometric solution can be used stand alone or integrated into your access control solution.

Just walk through and get access!

Besides the fact that codes can be copied, cards, keys and even smartphones can be stolen or abused, it also requires an action every time you need access. With FACE-IT, you just walk through. 

Stand-alone or integrated

FACE-IT™ is a software only solution that can directly control gates and locks. Or you can use it as Face Recognition module to any access control system.

High Accuracy for access control

The False Acceptance Rate is the highest in the market (up to 1:1.000.000). 

Superior Anti-Spoofing

With anti-spoofing, you prevent that people fake the system with a printed or smartphone image. 


FACE-IT is a server software based solution. So there is no biometric data outside the secured server room.


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Address:  Hofstraat 4, 7071 KB, Ulft, the Netherlands