Security Innovations





100% Web-based, Edge, Cloud, Hybrid.

FACE-IT with Anti Spoofing

Stand alone or for access control systems.


Unique People detection / very low false alerts.

Professional perimeter technologies

Different sensors for fences.

Video Verification for any alert

 In any webbrowser, with 2 clicks.

Pose detection & counting

On overview IP Camera's. 

Underground & Underwater

Special sensor technologies.

Occupancy technology

Multi entrances/exits.

Retail & big data analytics

With automatic reporting. 

“In our control room we have over 15 different video software clients and complete VMS installations to support the camera systems in the market. The CloudAlarmCenter from ENSURA makes it easier for us to support the market and support more camera’s with less!”

Alarm center IT Manager

“With the CloudAlarmCenter solution we do not have to setup and maintain all camera connections of our clients. It saves a lot of work and cost. This way we can really support more camera’s and grow our services.”

General Manager - Certified PAC Alarm center

Frequently Asked Questions

Edge, Cloud or hybrid. What does this mean?

VMSCORE can run at the edge, in the cloud, or both. Also after making your choice, you can move where you want to store all or part of the camera’s data. You remain fully flexible at no extra cost.

Can we use any IP Camera

Yes, any ONVIF Profile S camera is supported for VMSCORE, FACE-IT, Retail analytics, AI detection.

How does ensura deliver?

We cooperate with local and regional partners and make sure our customers are satisfied.

Do you deliver software or a total solution?

It’s your choice. We can deliver hardware and turn key, but are happy to deliver software only to run on your own hardware.


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