Why should a modern security system be more difficult than operating your smartphone?

98% of Video security systems usage is about live viewing, replaying (playback) and backup of evidence!

The core of our solution focuses on a fast and easy user operation with secure access.

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Video Management for IoT, enterprise, cloud and video surveillance appliances.

The next generation browser based hardware agnostic video management core with feature add-on’s and supporting both Windows and Linux architectures.

Easy, fast, secure, efficient, no plugins, advanced features.


Biometric Acces Control

A world without keys, cards, codes or passwords is simpler, safer and more convenient. Your identity becomes your key. Identification up to 30 persons/minute. Our innovative Face biometric solution can be used stand alone or integrated into your access control solution.

FACE-IT Face Recognition

Real Time Temperature Measurement

The Typical Pneumonic Symptom of 2019-nCoV Infection Is Fever According to the statistics of clinical manifestations, 28 statutory infectious diseases out of 39 have fever symptoms in the early stage.

BODY TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT is an important means of epidemic prevention and control

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Video Management appreciated by IT professionals. 

After 10 to 15 years of IP video management software, IP Video became a real IT solution. With that, the need of efficient install’s, adoption of the newest (IT) standards and technology became a key differentiator in the world of IP Video.

With the core software focusing on the core functions of a VMS, VMSCORE offers add-on options that add features in a smart way.

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Why VMSCORE is appreciated by IT professionals

Human Precision Video Analytics

Current heuristic video analytics systems come with all the limitations of object recognition. Rain, reflections, spotlights, spiders and moving objects are still problematic for many AI and deep learning filtering based analytics solutions. Our solution detects what you want to detect, the false alarm rate is the lowest we have seen in the market.

Human Precision AI

Add advanced analytics with deep learning to your video channels

With deep learning analytics, advanced intelligence is added to your video channels. Let it work as an active guard warning when people or car’s come on the property when you don’t want that unnoticed.

VMSCORE can add Intelligence to every channel. ENSURA’s VMSCORE offers full featured alarm management service up to individual (end) users, control rooms and surveillance guards. Supporting EDGE Camera analytics as well as server based video analytics.