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Seee here how AI Analytics helps to deterimine occupancy.

VMSCORE in use on BRIMAPACK Machinery

VMSCORE in use on BRIMAPACK Machinery

BrimaPack is a company with over 60 years experience in the development and production of customer oriented solutions in the agricultural and food industry.

In order to operate, control and maintain the machinery for harvesting, live and recorded video is used inside the equipment while operating in the field.

Inside the machine, operators follow the newest automated harvesting process. Also to finetune the operation, engineers can playback the whole process and adjust the equipment where needed.

The most cost effective way of packing vegetables is by using the packing system in the field. For this BrimaPack has developed a range of harvesting headers. At field level the machine cuts & cleans the products and put it in in-feed systems which transport the vegetables to the packing machine(s). After packing the vegetables, processing is continued in state of the art packing and boxing stations.

A unique and ultra modern approach for Video Security.

A unique and ultra modern approach for Video Security.

The advantages of the cloud combined with the strength and speed of the local network!

We offer the option to record without using any upload bandwidth. So you do not need to reduce the frame-rate or bandwidth in order not to constantly put your bandwidth under pressure.

High resolution, high frame-rate video 24/7 without compromises!! If you do it the VMSCORE way, you can still benefit from cloud advantages.

The advantages of a touch capable fast web browser based interface to a local recoding VMSCORE server, small or large.

Grow to any size with small or larger VMSCORE’s and uniform access.

Merge VMSCORE recording servers on any location to a single VMSCORE+ hosted on your headquarter or cloud server. The big advantage: using no upload bandwidth until you remotely watch video. In the mean time, no upload restrictions causing lower frame-rate and lower resolution recordings. No compromises!!

VMSCORE with ThermalRadar

VMSCORE in action with ThermalRadar. A unique combination

ThermalRadar detects, alerts and controls a PTZ instantly. VMSCORE enables local (edge) or cloud recording while offering users an immediate operation from anywhere in the world.

Important clips can be stored in either the server library or directly stored in online storage locations like Google Drive, or

When in addition is used, any control room can receive the alerts in their management system en see alarm and live video without any preparation.

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Face Recognition while wearing masks

FACE-IT even Identifies while people are wearing masks, hair masks, beard masks. New features are added, like mask detection, mask proper wearing, anti-spoofing, consent interaction. 


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