A breakthrough in biometrics: “With FACE-IT™ an access control system is much more efficient and becomes really secure”

Most accurate face recognition for access control and forensics.

  • Accuracy (FAR) of 1:1.000.000, which is 99.9999%

  • Anti spoofing (2D, 3D and interactive antispoofing)

  • Stand alone operation or as face recognition module to any existing access control system

  • Superfast, Scalable, open for integrations and customizations

  • No specific hardware needed (Supporting GPU but not required)

Delivering up to 99.9999% (0,000001) accuracy (False Acceptance Rate) at normal walking speed with just face recognition. Compare this to a card based system or other biometrics that require specific actions of the user. FACE-IT enables high security without slowing you down.

We have over 5 years experience with high secure references and can work with any existing access control system.

Keys, codes, tags, labels and cards all can be lost, forgotten, stolen or abused.

Biometric is the answer, but most solutions slow you down.

ENSURA’s FACE-IT™ solution is proving that you can be your own key using your identity at walking speed. Nothing that you can forget, nothing that you need to do. Only look forwards to the direction of the camera.

Safer, faster, easier.

Access is granted to a person, not because of what a person is carrying with him or her. Compared to other biometric solutions, you don’t need to stop or do something. Just look into the walking direction where the camera is positioned smartly.

Secure & GDPR Ready

We have over 5 years experience in using face-recognition at high secure sites. Please let us explain why we believe the solution can very well comply to the GDPR rules in Europe. In addition, we are very open to integrations and can already easily work in combination with any existing access control system.

We invite you to contact us and experience it yourself. While improving efficiency, you can increase security. There is so much more to tell.

  • Biometrics but then non-invasive

  • Stand alone or with any access control system

  • A 100% software solution working with standard hardware

  • Options for Full encryption, hardened & secure servers

  • Immediate identifications

  • Many Identifications in parallel per camera

  • Wiegand and relais output

  • Anti-fraud (2D, 3D, Interactive Anti Fraud)

  • Supporting white & black-list and special features