Video Management for IoT, enterprise, cloud and video surveillance appliances.

The next generation browser based hardware agnostic video management core with feature add-on’s and supporting both Windows and Linux architectures.

VMSCORE™ is capable of seamlessly supporting unlimited cameras, locations and users in a centralized, distributed or hosted architecture. VMSCORE™ is the most modern, open but secure  video management solution with app-integrations for added functionality.

Why we believe this is the future for Video Management

The video security market is getting mature. With many long time players that have been adding and adding features to their software version, many vendors are struggling to cope with the advantages of the newest available technologies. Many are still secretly running 32 bit based clients.

VMSCORE™ is a strong ultra modern Security Video Management Solution. As the name implies, the focus is on the core features for video management. Add to that the Application Partner Platform that enables seamless integrations. As easy as you add applications to your smartphone, you can add ADD-ON integrations to VMSCORE™.  This way, you make sure you have a strong set of core Video Management features with unlimited options to expand in size and functionality. The hassle of many VMS client installations and configuration is over. VMSCORE™ is web based and works without plugins.

Easy to use, no negative surprises

Web browser – plugin free!

VMSCORE™ is an IP video management solution which provides system access via a secure and immersive web browser interface from mobile or PC devices. Plugin-free!!

VMSCORE™ is secure

Ensuring the integrity of video on both open and closed networks, VMSCORE™ offers an uncompromising architecture for data security: User Interface Encryption (TLS/SSL) and Video Stream Encryption (SRTP)

VMSCORE™ is adaptive

VMSCORE™ enterprise or cloud federation capability delivers multi-site & multi-network unification which hosts centrally within the organization or in our secure cloud service

VMSCORE™ is hardware agnostic

VMSCORE™ is the first VMS to install and operate directly inside a broad base of traditional and embedded devices, including servers, cameras, and single-board-computers (RaspberryPi).

VMSCORE™ is open

VMSCORE’s Application Partner Platform (APP) enables technology partners to build custom applications inside the VMSCORE™ platform.

VMSCORE™ offers great integrations

The RESTful API provides application partners with unfettered access to VMSCORE™ features

VMSCORE™ is diverse. From NVR to IoT Platform

VMSCORE™ leverages an elegant cross-platform architecture that removes operating system dependencies. The software is available for Ubuntu, Red Hat and Windows.

Supporting a robust range of operating systems facilitates hardening levels appropriate for any organization. With the Application Partner Program, VMSCORE™ can be expanded to a complete smart and safe city solution.

camera’s on 38 sites of a customer in the entertainment industry
stores with on average 16 camera’s in the retail industry
USD Single Board Computer supporting up to 4 720p IP cameras
years of experience in the video securty market


  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Always secure

  • Plugin free browser operation, work from everywhere

  • No hassle with client installs

  • No hidden or unexpected license cost, you only pay per channel

  • You can alsways upgrade from VMSCORE™ to VMSCORE+™

  • Unlimited growth options in channels

  • Benefit from more and more available add-on applications

  • Option to go cloud based with on premise (edge) recording

  • All data and video data that leaves VMSCORE™ is encrypted

  • Mobile, PC and MAC browser interface

  • Easy license program, no surprices

  • Touch capable user interface

  • Supports all ONVIF Profile S camera’s and RTSP streams

  • Runs on Windows, Red Hat and Ubuntu platforms

  • From Raspberry PI to enterprise servers

  • Open RESTful API

  • Over 15 years experience

  • Bulk camera configuration

  • Ideal for chains with many sites (remote batch update)

  • Unlimited growth options in features and integrations

From small local NVR to cloud hosted VMS.

The smallest solution is a one channel local NVR based on a Raspberry PI PC board. We can even run our software internal in selected camera models. A next step is to fuse all edge NVR’s to a managed VMS with VMSCORE+™. With VMSCORE+™ you can securely access your individual VMS CORES without opening ports. VMSCORE+™can run behind or in front of your firewall and can also be configured as a cloud based gateway to your individual VMSCORE’s.