Face Biometrics, Enterprise video management, advanced perimeter detection

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Discover our small, medium and enterprise video and evidence management solution.

Our platform offers an amazing amount of features, scalable, reliable and field proven. From a basic server to an enterprise size implementation with 50.000 camera’s all managed by one enterprise manager. One feature is very important and the best available in the market: the scrollabe multi indicator coasting time bar. Want to know more: contact us to see it live.

Easy to use, but offering advanced features.


Biometric Acces Control

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A world without keys, cards, codes or passwords is simpler, safer and more convenient. Your identity becomes your key. Identification up to 30 persons/minute. In-Motion-IDentification (IMID) is also a very fast and powerfull solution to create a hybrid (card & face) identification solution.


Fusion of biometrics Integrated into existing systems

IMID adds Face recognition, body behaviour, voice-recognition, anti-fraud, QR-codes, NFC and RFID easily to existing access control systems. IMID can be a front end similar as a card reader and will forward the relevent codes with a biometric identification. This way, you can add the worlds fastest IN-MOTION-IDENTIFICATION to existing systems. Many deep integrations are also available. Contact us for more information.s.


Powerful incident lookup on APP’s

Looking for the relevant videoclips of incidents recorded by your security camera’s is not easy in almost all app’s that we saw during the years. But with Ensura’s solution, you easily scroll the timebar with incident indications left and right. In the mean time, you see live and recorded video. We did not see any video solution offering such an easy incident review feature. It’s very powerful and time saving.



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