Biometric Acces Control

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A world without keys, cards, codes or passwords is simpler, safer and more convenient. Your identity becomes your key. Identification up to 30 persons/minute. In-Motion-IDentification (IMID) is also a very fast and powerfull solution to create a hybrid (card & face) identification solution.


Video Management Systems

Scalable from 1 to unlimited camera’s. Live, playback, exporting clips, view live or stored alarm clips, all is simply done from the main menu with just a few mouse clicks.

Easy to use, but offering advanced features like object tracking navigation, ID search and event management.


Next generation Intelligent Video Analytics

We are offering 3rd generation intelligent video analysis. It has been developed  for intelligent monitoring of crowd, faces, traffic, vehicles, perimeter, objects as well as the related movement, behavior, track and statistical analysis. The technology has been extensively field tested. Contact us for more information.


Fusion of biometrics Integrated into existing systems

IMID adds Face recognition, body behaviour, voice-recognition, anti-fraud, QR-codes, NFC and RFID easily to existing access control systems. IMID can be a front end similar as a card reader and will forward the relevent codes with a biometric identification. This way, you can add the worlds fastest IN-MOTION-IDENTIFICATION to existing systems. Many deep integrations are also available. Contact us for more information.s.


Unlimited sensors

Whether it is water leakage, container levels, air condition or polution, or any future sensor or actor, our semantic & holistic technology offers maximal value and options to control smart & safe environments.

Designed to respond to varying operational circumstances, we enable closing the operational loop from event to response under virtually all circumstances. Deployment is simple and user friendly, leveraging the power of IoT infrastructure to rapidly deliver a working solution.


Smart Lights

Ensura’s Smart Light solution is an integrated street illumination / surveillance / sensor solution that dramatically cuts down on infrastructure and operational costs and provides the perfect solution for Safe / Smart Cities.

The Smart Light installation provides energy saving, communication, and wifi capabilities, as well as supporting additional urban sensors (cameras, crowd-meters, etc.) creating seamless Smart City networks.



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