Video Management for IoT, enterprise, cloud and video surveillance appliances.

The next generation browser based hardware agnostic video management core with feature add-on’s and supporting both Windows and Linux architectures.

Easy, fast, secure, efficient, no plugins and offering advanced features.


Biometric Acces Control

A world without keys, cards, codes or passwords is simpler, safer and more convenient. Your identity becomes your key. Identification up to 30 persons/minute. Our innovative Face biometric solution can be used stand alone or integrated into your access control solution.


Fuel Cell power for humanity

Green energy generation without sound and polution. For short to long term backup or off grid power. GenCell is catalyzing the transition to alternative energy with a patented technology that unlocks the mainstream potential of fuel cells as a clean, economical and reliable power source.

The GenCell A5™ off-grid power solution provides the benefits of green fuel cell energy with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel – anhydrous ammonia. GenCell’s patented ammonia cracking device generates hydrogen-on-demand for use by its hydrogen fuel cell generators. A single 12-ton tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operation.



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