Skywalker from is a successful software platform (PSIM) that integrates all security-related systems of a building, multi-site area, venue etc. into one intuitive interface. Video verification of events and alarms is an important part of the daily operational use. Besides live viewing, easy video playback and synchronized navigation should be easy and quick, since video often gives the final information for an operator to decide on the actions to perform.

Integrated Time Bar navigation for live and playback video

Now, with VMSCORE™ integrated, the video experience in the Skywalker PSIM has been brought to a next level of ease, speed and comfort. Skywalker’s operators can now open video clips in playback mode at the time of an event and from there navigate backwards, forwards or export a video clip.

VMSCORE™ is an ultramodern hardware agnostic, NDAA Compliant, Video Management solution that can work with almost any existing IP-camera. Affordable, scalable and used worldwide by small and large customers, from 1 camera to thousands of sites with 100% REST API and fully flexible to be used at the edge, cloud or hybrid.

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VMSCORE™ Time line bar navigation
VMSCORE™ Time line bar navigation